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More than 90% of Colombians consume poor quality coffee. It is a sad statistic that contradicts the coffee culture of this country itself; However, it is not unusual to find articles in magazines of an international flight or to have seen references in large film and television productions about Colombian coffee. Of all the good things that our country supplies the world with, coffee has been in charge of occupying number one in the imaginary of global society.


Likewise, Colombians have created and appropriated an identity seal around this great product to make it a vital icon of our society.


This documentary revolves around the questions that arise from really understanding the little knowledge that Colombians have about coffee to the point of almost always consuming a product that has been of poor quality since its harvest. With the project, we define and explore possible sources of the problem such as time, cost, and the lack of information that overflows in the little incubation of a coffee culture.


We will enter the current reality of our star product at the hands of Andrés Cardozo, a 24-year-old young man who was born in the epicenter of coffee in the country and who dedicates his life to expanding his knowledge about coffee and transmitting it with passion to thousands of people visiting your region.


We will take the first step to generate change while discovering the efforts of small and large companies around coffee to generate the necessary knowledge and thus create the way to assume and properly understand our role in a truly coffee-growing country.

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He is quite a character. He speaks as fast as his heart beats when the topic on the table is coffee. And even more so if the drink that accompanies the talk is too.

He was born and raised in Barcelona, Quindío. In July 2018, his first son Jerónimo was born. Like Andrés, he will also grow up among coffee plantations and will hear from his father all the stories and truths he has to tell us.

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